Grassroots Global Art Project

The 78 Tarot Project started as an idea when Kayti was chatting with friends about why a Tarot deck can be daunting for a single artist...why not ask 78 artists!?! Within days 78 artists had complete artistic freedom to create a card. We documented the process, conducted interviews with our artists and published hundreds of WIPs on our website and social media channels. Multi-artist decks have been published before, but we’re a bit different - we're the only project to share the process so extensively…we want you to love our artists as much as we do!

A few months later, we took our project to Kickstarter...and it was funded! Our dreams were coming true! 78 Tarot 1st Edition was in print, and there was enough interest to start a second deck - 78 Tarot Nautical. And then a third! 78 Tarot Carnival will be arriving with Kayti in a couple of months, and soon our 4th project will start…78 Tarot Astral – this time we’re aiming for the stars…

Self Publishing

Using the popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter, we raise the funds to self publish and distribute each of our decks. Our Kickstarter backers hold a dear spot in our hearts, without them we never would have grown into the project we are. We are forever grateful to them and do our best to show them in each of our Kickstarters, by providing extra gifts as thank-you presents, to show gratitude for supporting our dream.



Each shipment is delivered straight to Kayti Welsh, founder and director and person writing right now in third person, it comes straight to her door and she organizes, and distributes every shipment personally from her own home each year. You can read more about it on our story page.

There is a lot of time and attention to detail that goes into each delivery. It is our complete mission to get everything to our customers and backers as safely and as fast as we can. Each package is lovingly wrapped  by Kayti before sending them off to their new home. This gives a really nice personal touch that we feel compliments the entire grassroots style of our project.