Kayti Welsh

Founder & Director

Kayti is the brainchild behind the 78 Tarot project, which began as a passion project between the Tarot and Art community. Kayti is in charge of websites, marketing, logistics, and the Kickstarter. She lives in Virginia with her husband and furbaby Cypress. In her free time she loves to sling cards, play darts, and listen to live music. Her background is graphic and web design as well as illustration, and she has created a deck of her own and is working on her second.



Trish Sullivan

Co-Director, Author, Social Media Manager

Trish Sullivan not only helps run the project, she also runs all our social media pages and authors every book. A professional card slinger, reiki master, and lover of all geeky things - she is the glue that holds us together. Her background with both Tarot and Marketing and Media have proven to be absolutely priceless to running this project. She has to date authored nine books and working on her tenth. She resides in the English countryside with her wonderful husband, son, and furpuppy Star.



Joanna Nelson

Co-Director, Public Relations, Artist Whisperer

Not only does Joanna co-direct 78 Tarot, she is in charge of the well being of each and every artist. She makes sure that every single one of them know the deadlines and provides everything we need from them from contracts to selfies. She has a personal relationship to all of them which makes her easily accessible should the artists need anything or have any questions. A true artist mama, her energy and light is just what is needed when it comes to taking care of so many different types of personalities. She is also an accomplished artist having published three decks of her own and working on her fourth. She lives in paradise on a ranch in Napa Valley California with her feathered and furbabies.