PRE-ORDER 78 Tarot Elemental - 2019

PRE-ORDER 78 Tarot Elemental - 2019


PRE-ORDER 78 Tarot Elemental - Gilded Edges - Gold Foil Details - Elements, Nature Tarot Deck, Indie Tarot Deck, 78Tarot, Collaboration

This listing is for PRE-ORDERING our very latest deck published in 2019 - 78 Tarot Elemental - Tarot of the Natural. It will be available for delivery when it arrives from my publisher in the Fall - the ETA is October if all goes well.

78 Tarot Elemental is a deck created for ALL Elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and a little bit of Spirit! If you are not familiar with the 78 Tarot Project - we are a group of artists that collaboratively produce a LIMITED EDITION crowd funded deck every year by creating just one card apiece. We choose a theme every year, and choose artists to join our annual project.

The artists in our project range from legendary Tarot and Fantasy artists, to incredible artists just starting out in their careers. The wide variety of talent orchestrates a deck filled with energy and vibrancy that interprets the Tarot from their own experiences and view points. Our decks are chock full of international cultures and styles and they are a masterpiece to hold.

As a deck collector myself, I am a complete card stock snob and have searched high and wide for the printer we use, and I assure you - the quality of our decks are superb quality that will last a long time no matter how many times they are used.

Elemental is the second of our decks to have gilded edging - and it is so beautiful! It comes in a magnetic clamshell box, and for the second time - contains colored pictures of the artwork in the guidebook (LWB) that accompanies each deck.

If you want to have the full experience, you can add the 20 inch screen printed cloth and the 8 by 6 inch zippered case. Or you can purchase these items separately, if you prefer.

-------Features of the Deck-------


✮ Full Color Front & Back Cards (3.25 by 5.5 inches)
✮ 22 Major Arcana Cards (Fully Illustrated by 81 different artists)
✮ 56 Minor Arcana Cards (Fully Illustrated)
✮ 3 bonus wild cards.
✮ 171 pg FULL COLOR companion booklet with card meanings and artists interpretations of their card.
✮ A full color clam shell cardboard box with a magnetic closure and gold foil accents on inside and outside of the box
✮ Cards printed on 350gsm cardstock with a protective finish.
✮ Each card contains a blue core center to reduce card transparency and produce very vibrant colors.
✮ Cards will have gold foil accents on the front & back of cards

-------More About of the Deck & Project-------

81 Artists have created another epic Tarot deck, with another epic theme to weave into the Tarot story. This time we have dove into the elements - and have created a deck that connects to the spirit of nature. To the core of Gaia and Spirit.

78 Tarot Elemental is a Limited Edition Deck - the only copies that are printed are the ones we fund via Kickstarter. They are never reprinted, due to contractual obligation to our artists. We do it this way so our decks are one of a kind collector's pieces that only a thousand people will get to own in this lifetime.

All Art Was Juried In This Year

This year we enlisted help from the Tarot community to jury in our artists - we've been incredibly lucky on this journey, to connect with some amazing Tarotists, card slingers, writers and event organizers. Even luckier that when we reached out to ask if they would consider helping us that they all agreed!

Thank you so much to Ethony - writer, deck creator and Tarot Goddess, Arwen Lynch - editor of the Cartomancer and US Games deck writer. To Vix of New Age Hipster, Cameron from The Tarot Parlor, Michelle Maynard Beall, owner and creator of EOChakraProducts, Jennifer - super card slinger, and Kyrah (Tarot bag creator extraordinaire). To S. Rune Emerson - Tarot guru and author, Jaymi Elford - author and deck writer for Lo Scarabeo and Llewellyn Worldwide, Sharron Basanti - founder of Seeds of Shakti and deck creator, and last but not least, Jadzia DeForest of the Northwest Tarot Symposium. It was a privilege to work with them, and we feel that it will lend even more magic to our decks!

We're humbled and privileged to work with SO MANY fantastic artists on this project, some of whom bring their own experiences of creating art for Oracle and Tarot decks, or publishing decks themselves.

It has been absolutely thrilling for us to work with some of our own Tarot heroes, such as Ravynne Phelan, who created The Dreams of Gaia Tarot, as well as creating and illustrating several oracle decks, including the Messenger Oracle. Selina Fenech who illustrated the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle, and the Oracle of the Mermaids, Tanya Bond, who created the Duality Deck, Jilllian C. Wilde who created the Naked Heart Tarot, Craig Coss who illustrated the Games of Thrones Tarot, Chris-Anne who created Light Seers Tarot, The Muse Tarot and Sacred Creators Oracle, Jamie Sawyer from Sawyers Path Tarot and our very own dream team member & one of 78 Tarot's organizers - Joanna Nelson, who created the Monstarot & Cat Land decks.

78 Tarot decks are fully functional and rich in symbolism. With each artist creating only one image for the deck, it allows them to really pour themselves into the classic history of their card – whilst putting a modern themed twist to it. Each of our decks have a theme to follow, which we find lends a cohesiveness in the storytelling from 78 different storytellers.

Learn more about our project:

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