Animantras Chakra Oracle Deck

Animantras Chakra Oracle Deck


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Animantras Chakra Oracle Deck - A mini deck that features 49 cute rainbow animals to represent behavioral aspects of the 7 chakras! This friendly and colorful deck is the perfect stocking stuffer that has arrived just in time for the holidays!

This mini deck measures 1.75 by 2.25 inches and comes with a guidebook and canvas cotton zippered case that you can throw into your bag and take with you everywhere you go!

This allows you to not only keep your deck protected, but you can just shake it to choose your cards if you don't want to (or can't) shuffle. This makes it fun and easy for kids as well as adults to use.

The deck also comes with a 64 page booklet that has card meanings, mantras, and little facts about each animal.

This deck is a great tool for children to learn about the chakras, or anyone looking for a super cute and friendly tool.

There are 49 cards, 7 chakras, and 7 animals per chakra color. The reason I chose to represent the chakras as animals is because they are universal and familiar. We can understand an animal's behavior without ever hearing them speak. They are the mirrors of our own animalistic nature. The core of our being. The reflections of our souls.

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