78 Tarot Nautical Collector's Set

78 Tarot Nautical Collector's Set


A modern version of classic Tarot – Water style – created by 78 of the top artists in the industry. Each card is a visual masterpiece. The cards are over-sized to show off the wonderful details in the artists work. They are professionally printed on thick card stock with a gorgeous satin finish. The colors are very calming and vibrant at the same time – much like the energy of the sea. 78 Tarot Nautical spans the entire nautical realm, from sea monsters to pirates, mermaids to sea dragons, and every nautical critter in between. It comes in a tuck box and includes a 44 page companion booklet with each card meaning.

This version comes in a gorgeous two part sturdy box with gold foil accents that is signed and number by the founder and director of 78 Tarot – Kayti Welsh. It includes a 230 page, hardback, saddle-stitched Limited Edition Tarot & Art Book, that not only has full page art and descriptions of each card, it also has some fun behind the scenes stuff, artists bio’s, and the artists interpretations of their cards. It is an expanded companion guide with a whole lotta extras! It is beautifully printed on thick glossy paper to accentuate the art. The cover has gold foil accent on it to give it that touch of elegance and class. A beautiful addition to the Nautical Deck. Only 1000 of these sets were printed and no more will be printed in the future. It is also the last set you will see from 78 Tarot, as it is very expensive to ship.

Each tarot card was carefully created by one of our 80 international artists spanning over 15 countries. Many of the artists who were with us for the first deck have stayed on for the second deck, including Meredith Dillman, Carla Morrow, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Tiffany Toland Scott, Larry Elmore, Jessica Douglas, and Natalia Pierandrei. New artists have also joined the project, including Selina Fenech, Amy Brown, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Stanley Morrison, Alexandra V Bach, Pierre Carles, and Alex Garant.

78 Tarot decks are fully functional and rich in symbolism. With each artist creating only one image for the deck, it allows them to really pour themselves into the classic history of their card – whilst putting a modern themed twist to it. Each of our decks have a theme to follow, which we find lends a cohesiveness in the storytelling from 78 different storytellers.

~——-Features of the Limited Edition Book——-

~230 paged hardcover book with gold foil accents on cover
~80 pages of Card Interpretations (includes each artist’s statement of work)
~80 pages of Card Art
~Artist’s bio’s
~Behind the Scenes

Full deck is here: https://www.78tarot.cards/78-tarot-nautical-deck/

——-Features of the Collector’s Edition——-

~Book & deck come in a hard cardboard box, accented with gold foil, that is signed and numbered by founder Kayti Welsh
~Includes 230 page page hardcover, full-color art book – with card interpretations, artists explanations, arti
~Full Color Front & Back Cards (3.25 by 5.5 inches)
~22 Major Arcana Cards ~ 56 Minor Arcana Cards
~2 Bonus Cards – Whimsy & Curiosity
~Print Booklet with Artist Credits and Tarot Interpretations
~Printed on 380gsm cardstock with a smooth finish.

-------Full List of 78 Tarot Artists featured in the deck------- 

Major Arcana:

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law - The Fool / Patricia Ariel -The Magician / Tanya Bond - The High Priestess / Larry Elmore -The Empress / Delphine Levesque Demers - The Emperor / Krisgoat - The Hierophant / Shana Cinquegrana -The Lovers / Melanie Starr -The Chariot / Monika Ptok-Byard - Justice / Tanya Ross - The Hermit / Megan Buccere - Wheel of fortune / Meredith Dillman - Strength / Shelby Nichols -The Hanged Man / Travis Anthony Soumis - Death / Tiffany Toland-Scott - Temperance / David Gough - The Devil / Deidre Morton/ Peemonster / The Tower - Carla Morrow - The Star / Luca Feredici C - The Moon / Alex Garant - The Sun / Brynn Elizabeth - Judgement / Jasmine Becket-Griffith - The World / Amy Brown - Wild Card Whimsy / Michael Banks / Sugar Fueled - Wild Card Curiosity


Maigan Lynn - Ace of Pentacles / Jodi Horne - 2 of Pentacles / Stephanie Sturm - 3 of Pentacles / James Priest - 4 of Pentacles / Raheli Starr - 5 of Pentacles / Lindsay Cheesewright - 6 of Pentacles / So Ma - 7 of Pentacles / Regan Kubecek - 8 of Pentacles / Lily Buth - 9 of Pentacles / Tammy Pryce - 10 of Pentacles / Brenda Lyons - Page of Pentacles / Jenga - Knight of Pentacles / Jessica Douglas - Queen of Pentacles / Carrie Hawks - King of Pentacles


Zindy S. D. Nielsen - Ace of Swords / Alexandra V Bach - 2 of Swords / Ash Evans - 3 of Swords / Enys Guerrero - 4 of Swords / Ben Larsen - 5 of Swords / Tammy Mae Moon - 6 of Swords / Ralf Straaberg - 7 of Swords / Pierre Carles - 8 of Swords / Joanna Mukerji Nelson - 9 of Swords / Holly Broxson - 10 of Swords / Daniel Steven Marconyak - Page of Swords / Stanley Morrison - Knight of Swords / Becca Turner - Queen of Swords / Ellen Million - King of Swords


Stefania Russo - Ace of Wands / Jayde Hilliard-Simpson - 2 of Wands Svetlana Ava - 3 of Wands / Chelle Destefano - 4 of Wands / Tara Fly - 5 of Wands / Molly Harrison - 6 of Wands / Santanu Hazarika - 7 of Wands / Alexandria Sandlin - 8 of Wands / Helena Reis - 9 of Wands / Ellen Wilberg - 10 of Wands / Helmut “Poul” Dohle - Page of Wands / Misty Benson - Knight of Wands / Selina Fenech - Queen of Wands / Eli Neugeboren - King of Wands


Deanna Davoli - Ace of Cups / Marlana Adele Vassar - 2 of Cups / BK Lusk - 3 of Cups / Lindy van den Bosch - 4 of Cups / Edit Farkas - 5 of Cups / Gila Von Meissner - 6 of Cups / Sarah Lau - 7 of Cups / Mary Layton - 8 of Cups / Faye Osman - 9 of Cups / Anastasia Smith - 10 of Cups / Deanna Bach-Talsma - Page of Cups / Brenda Saydak - Knight of Cups / Natalia Pierandrei - Queen of Cups / Anja Uhren - King of Cups

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