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78 Tarot Elemental Tarot Deck Call For Artists

If you're interested in working with the 78 Tarot project on an Elemental Tarot deck, we're jurying in artists for this deck as a way of rotating some new artists into the deck.

This is our sixth deck - we create Limited Editions of each deck, meaning that a maximum of 1500 will ever be printed. We raise the funds for printing these decks by crowdfunding, via Kickstarter. We do have some strict stipulations...the decks we create are used by professional Tarot readers, so we have to create quality, functional Tarot decks.

  1. You MUST be a professional artist, i.e. a large portion of your income must come from your art!
  2. You MUST have a Facebook account (or we can't invite you into the Facebook group we use for deck creation) AND a page that we can tag when we're promoting your cards and art. You must have an Instagram account.
  3. You MUST be active on social media and willing to share the project - it's in all our interests for this to be promoted as far and wide as possible, especially in a world where Social Media is limiting us all!
  4. You MUST know and understand Tarot so you can accurately create the meaning
  5. It's definitely a bonus if you have created or illustrated a deck yourself already.
  6. You MUST be old enough to sign a legal contract i.e. 21 years old and above.
  7. You MUST be able to dedicate time to both your art AND the deck creation group, to be an active member
  8. You MUST be able to follow a strict timeline and adhere to deadlines
  9. You MUST be prepared to create a colour image - while we love black and white art, it won't work for an Elemental deck!
  10. You MUST be ready and willing to have a lot of fun with incredibly talented artists Compensation is a free Tarot deck.

Please submit your best work that showcases elements. For this deck we are using earth, air, fire and water according to the elemental associations of the suits and the Majors. Please make sure you submit a recent image that you've created within the last year. You can upload it, email directly to info@78tarot.cards or send us a direct link to your website or a shared folder we can view it in.

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