April Moon Box

April Full Moon is the Pink Moon! What better way to welcome back Spring than with The Return of the hummingbirds. This is the ONLY way to get these drawings! Every single cent goes to growing our project and allowing us to travel to more conventions and do more giveaways and stuff!

Get your Moon Box here!


We are so excited to introduce 78 Tarot Monthly Moon boxes! Each month will focus on a different moon, and to get you started Kayti has illustrated a pencil drawing of each full moon of January 2019. This image is free to download and print out on our website under Free Stuff

Each month we will create 50 Moon Boxes based on the Full Moon for that month.

For just 40.00 you will get the following items

  • A 5 by 7 print of an exclusive watercolor painting of the Wolf Moon

  • An 8 by 10 print of an illustrated spread created by Trish Sullivan and illustrated by Kayti Welsh

  • A one card draw from one of our 78 Tarot decks pulled by Trish Sullivan

  • A one card draw from Kayti’s Animantras deck pulled by Kayti

  • A sticker of the month’s full moon illustration

  • A bookmark of the month’s full moon illustration

  • A hand stamped cotton bag of the month’s moon illustration

  • A mystery gift to draw the energy of the moon - this mystery gift could be a crystal, an additional spread, anything we think would connect you to more moon magick!

This box is valued at over $100.00 but we are selling them for $40.00 plus shipping!

These are limited quantity and we expect them to go fast so act now if you’re interested!

You can also secure your spot in future monthly boxes by purchasing ahead of time at 3, 6, 9, or 12 months up front. Purchasing months up front will also earn you a discount! The more months you buy the cheaper the boxes are.

3 months is a 10% discount

6 months is a 15% discount

9 months is a 20% discount

12 months is a 25% discount

We will be taking orders up until January 10th, and mailing everything January 11. This should give your package plenty of time to reach you for the Full Wolf Moon on January 21!