Countdown to 78 Tarot Astral Kickstarter


For our 2016 Kickstarter backers received a whole goodie bag of Kickstarter exclusive gifts! These were free extras just for pre-ordering a deck from our Kickstarter and unlocking different goals. 


How to Become a 78 Tarot Backer

  • Kickstarter runs for a set period of time, usually about 30 days but we make ours a little less. 78 Tarot Astral will be running from April 11 – May 4.

  • You will need to have a Kickstarter Profile to back our projects there. Kickstarter takes you through the sign up after you select a reward tier.

  • 78 Tarot will set a monetary goal to reach for Kickstarter, and the deck and extras will only be purchased if the full goal is reached in the time period allowed.

  • Kickstarter will not charge your credit card until the end of the campaign IF it is successfully funded.

  • By backing our Kickstarter you are not only getting items at a discounted rate, but you are getting free items sent to you only with Kickstarter.

  • We will offer pre-sales after the Kickstarter but the exclusive Kickstarter-only goodies will not be included and the price will be higher.