Kickstarter is a platform that allows you to crowd-fund a project. It is an important tool for independent creators such as us who do not have the capitol a large publishing company would have. Kickstarter is something we have a lot of fun with, and when you are a supporter of ours, you get a lot of freebies that you can ONLY get when backing a Kickstarter. 

most recent kickstarter

On April 11 we launched our 4th Kickstarter - 78 Tarot Astral - and with the help of 407 wonderful souls, we were able to fund the deck and a few other products! You can pre-order the deck as well as a tarot cloth and zipper case in our shop

Our Next Kickstarter

We are super excited to continue our 78 Tarot Accessories line with Tarot Journaling stickers! We will be launching a fun Kickstarter this summer to fund these stickers and more!