If you're interested in working with the 78 Tarot project on an Ecological Tarot deck, we're jurying in artists for this deck as a way of rotating some new artists into the deck.

This is our seventh deck - we create Limited Editions of each deck, meaning that a maximum of 1000 will ever be printed. We raise the funds for printing these decks by crowdfunding, via Kickstarter


We do have some strict stipulations...the decks we create are used by professional Tarot readers, so we have to create quality, functional Tarot decks.

  1. You SHOULD be a professional artist, i.e. regularly selling your art and receiving a portion of your income from this. We will consider a non-professional artist if they can demonstrate that they are both good, and dedicated enough to their craft - from experience, we've found professional artists easier to work with regarding deadlines and direction where necessary to include symbolism and meaning of the cards.

  2. You MUST have a Facebook account (or we can't invite you into the Facebook group we use for deck creation)

  3. You MUST know and understand Tarot so you can accurately create the meaning. It's definitely a bonus if you have created or illustrated a deck yourself already.

  4. You MUST be old enough to sign a legal contract i.e. 21 years old and above.

  5. You MUST be able to follow a strict timeline and adhere to deadlines. This deadline will be February 1st for completed artwork so make sure you can fit that into your schedule.

  6. You MUST be ready and willing to have a lot of fun with incredibly talented artists.

Compensation is a free Tarot deck delivered in the fall of 2020.  Artists retain all copyright - this is a single use of the image created for one edition of the deck, plus promotional images of the deck. 

If you have matched the above criteria please fill out the form below (BY September 13th) and link us to your Ecological Submission artwork - this is a piece of artwork YOU have created and are submitting for review, and not a submission of deck artwork.

IF selected, you would be notified, and sent a contract. 

Name *
We are looking for people who have a passion for Tarot, to contribute to the very unique energies of our decks.
Did you thoroughly read the instructions at the top of the page, and have complied with them all?
Please submit your best work via a link to where we can view your image.  For this deck we are using earth, air, fire and water according to the elemental associations of the suits and the Majors. Please make sure you submit a recent image that you've created within the last year. Please do not send work without filling out the form above, any work received without a form will be disqualified. Submissions after 13th September will be disqualified.