78 Tarot Decks

78 Tarot has published 4 Tarot decks to date! You can read more about them below. Each of our decks are Limited Edition and independently published and distributed. We feel this gives back to our supporters by making each deck a truly unique, interactive, exclusive creation to own and be a part of. 


78 Tarot  First Edition - 2014 - SOLD OUT

Our debut deck, with a completely open theme. The artists were given full freedom to interpret the card in any manner they saw fit.  It sold out in less than a year and will not ever be reprinted.



78 Tarot Nautical - 2015

Our second deck we decided to do a Nautical theme, and the deck is filled with mermaids and pirates and sea creatures.  We have less than 200 single decks left, and 500 Collector's Editions.


78 Tarot Astral - 2017 - in production

Our fourth deck is a Space theme, and the deck is filled with cosmic creatures, robots, and aliens! This will be ready to ship in October and you can pre-order your copy today!

78 Tarot Carnival - 2016

Our third deck we decided to do a Carnival theme, and the deck is filled with circus freaks and animals and carnivale.  We have less than 350 decks left.

Mythical Logo.png

78 Tarot Mythical - 2018 - pre-production

Our fifth deck will take you deep into your imagination to the time of Gods and Goddesses, and fairies and elves. A time where magic ruled the land and spirits and angels were as common as air. Sign up below to keep up to date with its production schedule.