WIP of The Ace of Cups by Teal Newcomb for 78 Tarot Astral

For the next month as we countdown the 30 days until our 78 Tarot Astral Kickstarter – we will be showing you card development pictures of our decks, some of our favorites that our artists have posted in our special group as we have worked on the deck together these past 7 months. Just 24 days until we launch!

This gorgeous Work in Progress is The Ace of Cups by Teal Newcomb being developed for 78 Tarot Astral. This Card will be shown in its completion during our 78 Tarot Astral Kickstarter – this is just a teaser!

Born and raised in northern Michigan, art, nature and fictiion have always. Style inspirations include botanical art, modern fantasy, and classical vintage illustration.

I’ve always had an eye for small details, and I create my work with a meticulous hand. Watercolors and hot press paper are my media of choice, accented with pen, pencil, acrylic and gouache. Some of my paintings are planned from the sketch stage, others are organic and spontaneous, letting the natural textures of the paper and pigments guide my brush, allowing surreal landscapes and creatures to create themselves.

My work is an homage to nature, mythology, childhood fantasy and nostalgia. Inspiration comes from little treasures, hidden in plain sight, and often ignored in everyday life; the delicate tracery of moss and lichens on an abandoned fence, twisting roots exposed by erosion, the veins of a budding leaf backlit by the sun. I hope my paintings remind viewers to appreciate the little details in life, recall childhood fairytales, and to explore the world around with fresh, curious eyes

About Kickstarter: Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform that allows us to raise funds for our decks by offering pre-sales. Our Kickstarter’s are entire interactive experiences, and we work all year long on preparing for it. By becoming a backer of our decks, you will get Kickstarter Exclusive Goodies, be privy to Kickstarter only updates, and have a really fun experience of a lifetime, trust us you do not want to miss it! Mark your calendar’s for April 11th!

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